27 February 2018

Healing ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 26 February 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Healing doesn't mean you have to learn to acclimate to something or put up with anything that doesnt resonate and then just let go and get over it. 

Its not about coping in 3-D reality, learning to live beyond the agony it might trigger. True healing comes with a total Transformation and being taken to a more desirable place, internally and externally and truly saying good bye to settling for less than what inspires your Soul. 

Even if we still have to function in the matrix, we can penetrate it with our empowered self and disable the distortions and fully bust through the NET (frequency fences), cause you aren't submitting any part of your Consciousness to it, only the last legs of the physical part of it, which is the vehicle to bring in the higher dimensional energies. 

This moves us into other levels of embodiment and experience, which ripples out and activates others. 

This is how the paradigm shifts and it has been and will continue to!

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