15 February 2018

Hearts Up for the Eclipse & CME: Higher Trajectories in this Now: Influxes of 2018 ~ Sandra Walter ~ 14 February 2018

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

These Divine plasma pulses are delivering very unique light codes which activate the ancient holographic templates of Ascension and unity consciousness. In brief, this is a very amplified moment for higher trajectories and embodiment.

We have unique potentials presenting for higher collective trajectories over the next few weeks. These are triggered by light waves, and this is happening right now. With the stargate phase-lock on Saturday February 3 (thank you to those who assisted when I went up to do this work), a flow of frequencies aimed at ancient activations began. This set off the Solar activity and approaching CME of this week, so Gatekeepers/Gridworkers have been busy.

Ancient Codes: Why your activations are changing
Visualize the ancient templates and plasma frequencies as a lock and key. The locks are imprinted deep within Gaia; the ancient codes embedded, dormant, poised for the Ascension. Many of you who travel with Gatework/Gridwork are the ones who planted these within Gaia, or at least are connected to the Star Elders who did. The incoming frequencies, our beloved plasma pulses of light, are the key which unlocks these ancient codes. It is a vibrational match; We open the pathways to these ancient templates, Gaia rises in vibration with all the Lightwork, the stargates phase-lock for the delivery of light, and the incoming plasma activates the codes.
The ancient templates are not ancient structures like sacred sites or buried sites. These are *deeper than inner Earth level*, near the crystalline core of Gaia, where they could not be touched or altered. Because the Primary Christed Timelines of Ascension are available now, these activated codes are beginning to turn on codes in crystalline DNA. That is their purpose; Christed/Crystalline/Unity Consciousness is their purpose.
This is why many of you are merging with aspects of your ancient self. Because of the time collapse, ancient selves and future selves merge with the Now self, completing a trinity circuit of unity consciousness.

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