28 February 2018

March Amplifications: Solar Flashes and the Ascended Lightbody ~ Sandra Walter ~ 27 February 2018

The SUN is changing how it interprets information; visibly seen as the surreal dimmer-yet-more-intense look that SUNlight has right now.
Our Lightbodies are reflecting this.
Inner light intensifies, our heart centres flutter, and the physical feels mystical as it goes through deep transformation.
We are preparing for thw next level of embodiment.

There's that Solar-Heart thing again....(Nassim Haramein/Hafiz/Judy Satori as per yesterday's post). Sandra Walter also mentions March/April, which is the period that's currently a sizzling hot topic (no pun intended).

Such a Light-expanding update from Sandra, with wise suggestions regarding how we are reacting to the external circumstances around us.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
When we activate our Solar Heart Center, our connection to the Solar presence becomes stronger. We witness the increasing pulses and flashing activity coming from the SUN, which has been occurring over the last year.

You may see this flashing activity when meditating with a Solar heart focus. It is very vibrant, unmistakable, and you don’t have to be gazing at the SUN in order to see it. It does come directly from the Solar Beingness, when you intentionally connect with the SUN. Please do not confuse it with flashing activity in your personal fields. This is Solar-connection-specific, and the flickering flashes grow brighter, stronger and more activating.

I AM grateful this kind of Solar activity does not appear on the linear charts – yet. Your heart consciousness is the 5D charts! Remember the pulses/flashing is information; FEEL the Love Light intelligence. It feels exquisite.

We entered the Sacred geometry which holds pure photonic resonance, the consciousness shifting frequencies, during the August eclipse last year. This is why Gatekeepers had visions of the SUN exploding in 2017, and why we continually see the SUN flickering and flashing in a new way. We are in the Galactic Hot Zone; the geometric container for consciousness-shifting, dimensional-shifting light.
The prophecy of a Solar flash is not a moment to wait for, the precursor events are already in progress.
The Galactics remind us often; Global consciousness–shifting Ascension events are a multidimensional co-creation. As we collectively operate from higher choices, Primary Christed timelines provide the bridge for planetary-wide energetic and dimensional shifts.
It is beautiful to witness Lightworkers waking up from the waiting games and realizing empowerment can only happen in the Now.

Please read on....

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