21 February 2018

Mastery ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 20 February 2018

My opinion is that suffering is an option, not a pre-requisite.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

The path towards Mastery is laden with many attacks, pitfalls and mistakes for a reason. This is how we learn and how we build our Spiritual immune system -- this is also how we clear ancestral patterns, programs and the genetic harm that has been afflicted upon us.

We can work hard to bypass the challenges, but where it is not possible, is where there are important lessons, reminders and epiphanies to integrate. Rather than feel defeated or like you are failing, it just takes devotion -- through that devotion your higher mind will always step in to guide one towards solutions, transformations and knowledge of Soul Alchemy. This is how the reversals and negative patternings are corrected and we are then able to advance ourselves. 

Sometimes you have to live out what needs correcting and if something is operating in ones unconscious that doesn't serve them, it eventually comes out, so that it can be cleared and restored to its true blue-print. If we have the willingness to do something productive with our errors or where we might lose our way and utilize it to our highest benefit, we will evolve much quicker, than if we allow it to persist and compromise us, which would then create degeneration, unwellness or the giving of ones power away to false light or negative Ego constructs.

Mastery is gained through the desire to rise above it and reclaim your true divine power and creative, spiritual abilities, which is the most advanced technology that exists. It has been imitated and distorted within a matrix that works against our capacity to fully be Sovereign.

Life gives us exactly what we need to reclaim that and find true awareness, if we can perceive it on our own terms and not through projections or mind-control. With an intention to grow, heal and embody ones highest potential, we are able to see through the game and break down the barriers that wish to keep us stagnant and stuck.

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