16 February 2018

Message From Dwight Eisenhower via Karl Mollison

American Heritage
This chanelling is new to me. Discernment and Higher Guidance, as always.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

“It is very much about overturning the alien suppression, both the long-term alteration of the human in disconnecting us from the spiritual core, as well as the cultural disconnection and miscommunication leading to all manner of grievances and combat. So this is the number one subject of great urgency, coupled with dealing at all levels [of] the spirit community of the dark ones. This cover-up and suppression has been quite effective but is growing in the level of friction and the intensity required to keep a lid on things.” “There will be a turning point and a tipping of the energies towards what the Light is supporting here. So all can take heart in this. It is not as dire as our words might suggest. At the present time the Light is winning, but this does need to be maintained and anything that can be added to the cause will accelerate that eventuality and this would be a tremendous contribution.”

“This is what is in store for humanity in the future and what we mean by having heaven on earth. The ability to heal the self and one another will be profound, rapid, and understood completely by everyone. There will not be lingering pain or any darkness spread, and this will completely change the nature of existence. This is how things were always meant to be and what everyone is striving for who are progressing on a soul journey. This [Earth] is not the only dark place but it is one of the darkest. The upliftment and the growth of the light-worker community is carrying the energy forward to a great new day that is coming. So we applaud all who are involved in the effort and support our loved ones first and foremost, for that is a deep, deep, soul connection. As you can imagine from my service, I have a deep, deep, soul connection to all I helped to serve in my last incarnation, and that has not changed and will not disappear.”

Dwight David Eisenhower -- channeled by Karl Mollison

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