26 February 2018

Natural Cycles of Goddess and God ~ Untwine ~ 25 February 2018

The Yugas also have natural cycles, going from one age to another across the eons of time. It is said that we are now in the "Winter" phase of the Kali Yuga, the darkest of the cycles. The only way left to proceed is towards the Light as we move out of this darkness.

Source: Recreating Balance

The Universe is created from the start in a cyclic way. It is birthed from the Source, expands and multiplies, and then contracts and merges back wih the Source. This process is called the Great Breath.
Then naturally, all of creation follows this cyclic flow in a fractal pattern. We see it all around us and within us.
The basis of the cycle is that we have two distinguished realms, or entities, and the energy flows, is exchanged between the two. This cycle is what makes evolution progress, it is what time really is. In the first original cycle, the Great Breath, the energy flows between the Universe and Source, and then then as smaller fractals, reflections of this, the energy flows between lower planes and higher planes, matter and spirit, day and night, etc.
Feminine and masculine are the action and reception which makes the cycles move. 
Naturally we can see in such cycles that whenever there is an action there is automatically a reception, so masculine and feminine are two sides of the same coin, always meant to be One, just like electricity and magnetism always come together. Feminine and masculine only sometimes appear to us separate to some degree in these lower dense planes, because the frequency of the cycle is slowed down. It is very beneficial to keep thinking of them as a unit, as One, which helps to re-align with the Truth from higher realms.
In such cycles we have 4 major steps (see image above):
This picture shows examples of the 4 archetypal steps that we are all familiar with.
It is important to understand that this is not a cycle between Light and dark, between good and bad, what this really is is a breath, a constructive relationship, a flow of energy between polarities and areas of space. It is all Light, in various forms/densities/frequencies.
Feminine and masculine, Goddess and God, are both involved throughout the cycle in an exchange between each other.

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