23 February 2018

Point of Divergence ~ Lisa Renee ~ 18 February 2018

Source: Energetic Synthesis

Our planet has been enduring sequences of bifurcation between the timelines that create points of divergence and frequency splitting within the lower dimensions. As the frequency split in that spectrum of that particular dimension widens, it amplifies the polarities in the spectrum of the frequencies that exist in that space and this catalyzes a variety of energies and entities to move forward into either of the opposing directions.

This event can also be defined as a type of entity transiting, where people and lower spirits, both incarnate and disincarnate, must be moved out of that particular space time location and shifted into another one. Certain space time locations or dimensions in the planetary body are undergoing frequency split and thus, are rolling up into higher frequency dimensions and routing frequency groups into systems of collective consciousness. 

This shift creates moving energetic streams that run into many smaller tributaries that feed into rivers, that then move to converge into larger bodies of water, like a lake or the ocean. Energy current moves similarly as to how water moves, depending on its viscosity and wave length. The planetary shifting impacts how energetic tributaries move in the ley lines of the earth body, and where these energies coalesce into larger energetic bodies, like pooling energies into vortices or Stargates. The horizontal network of energetic tributaries are moving vast streams of consciousness energy out of the lower dimensions into median timelines. 

This lower frequency area is being extracted and is where many of the black force shadow forms and fallen entities reside. This shift in the field catalyzes and forces these entities to move around into different patterns, entering new grid networks, and even attaching to human bodies that are traveling on the same timelines. This shift in the lower dimensional ley lines is impacting our physical body functioning dramatically, the human light body is upgrading and changing. This is also shifting around the location of many types of forces that are interacting in unusual ways with the planetary body, and this generates strange anomalies.

Many of us can witness this energetic movement happening in the environment and see the chaos it generates as well as how it impacts the people around us. Some people are floating comfortably in the energetic flow that is moving them upstream through following the multiple synchronicities that show up, while others are sinking and flailing about feeling lost and confused, as they are being carried downstream. We can observe both energetic realities happening simultaneously. The descending reality is where people have not dealt with their trauma fears, phobias or destructive habits and do not understand the ascending process of consciousness evolution and have not discovered the main lessons of their required learning. 

Some are getting worse as they wrestle with their inner demons and addictions, lashing out in pain or withdrawing into depression. The lower dimensions surface the main areas of separation trauma that impacted the collective mind of humanity on the earth. These are the memories recorded in the unconscious mind of the people and the earth body itself. If the person has not delved into some inner emotional work to gain some clarity about the contents of their unconscious mind, the main areas of unconscious trauma become amplied into triggers in the surface of their ego-personality.

Mainly, this is the processing of previous timelines of abuse, trauma, shock and devastation from the point in time of our original separation with the God Source, and the subsequent splitting of our gender principle. The male and female principle were originally unified, and through the cataclysms and wars that occurred in our hidden history, the internal genders were split apart and lost to each other. This resulted in tremendous suffering and pain in our heart and soul layers, ultimately creating consciousness distortions such as the sexual misery programming. This means a lot of people on the earth are processing sensations of shock and trauma from the time of the split (fall of humankind), and are unaware of the source causation of why they are grieving or feeling so lost. When we are confused about the source of our inner pain, we usually blame it on something that is on the surface or we blame someone else that we perceive as hurting us. After the blaming phase, people tend to bury their inner pain, self medicate and escape their feelings with an addiction of some kind.

The ascending reality is where we may observe the overview of the world of forces that are impacting us, sensing the cross spiral collisions happening in the energy field. At the same time, we can sense the unconditional love of the higher spiritual forces that are carrying us forward into a higher and more benevolent timeline. The new timeline is moving us away from the impact of these lower demons and their destructive forces of chaos, such as the Behemoth and Leviathan. 

The gridworkers are called to witness these fallen forces as they surface into our view from the underworld, or from the depths of the lower dimensions. Many of us are acting as transition teams, holding compassionate witnessing,  to move out these entities from the AI timeline, phantom or dead areas, and they are both human and non-human entities.  This is sad for us when we can feel the pain existing in the lower dimension of the earth, and we are forced to observe and may feel we are leaving certain people behind.  This emotional processing has required a completion cycle of the old timelines, through clearing out ancestral miasma, cord cutting, and disconnection from certain people or things that are stuck in the miasma of the lower fields or moving onto a different path.

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