24 February 2018

Re-Unification with Mother Earth ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 23 February 2018

Jennifer Mourin
Source: Laura Eisenhower

When a Mother and child is separated against their will, it causes pain and suffering to both the Mother and child. When they get reunited, their hearts heal and they are able to thrive.

This is what is happens when we return to our Mother Earth and allow ourselves to be nurtured by her presence.

The controller forces and any enemy does not need to stand in the way anymore. It is a choice for us to embrace this connection and allow it to work wonders in our lives.

The Dark Mother reversal was in the planet for so many thousands of years and this is no longer the case. We have triumphed and we are finding our way home again.

The more we recognize this, the more the parasitic influences fall away.

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