26 February 2018

Rick Jewers Update ~ 25 February 2018

Source: Rick Jewers

Photonic influx from the Sun due beginning in a few days and persisting at least, til Mar 11th. 3 CME,s possible during this time if required with accompanying solar flares.

Influx required to energize a Certain Light Quotient which enables Us to secure 5D anchors into this Now. Repositioning of many in the last few months is/was preparation for this important effect. Anchors will be attached to New Electro-magnetic Grid (New Ley Line Grid) at Nodule points. Many of You already placed upon or near enough the New Ley Lines to assure a proper anchorage.

Volcanic and related activity will be raised at this time as New rivers of energetics are constructed below Gaia's surface in conjunction with anchoring in the 5D Grid.

As always, keep individual vibration at utmost. Refrain from vibration lowering practices.

Reflections of change to be administered directly to present timelines.

More of the Masses Awakening with near prominent One's placed with/near teacher for rapid effects.

Repetitive numbers and number sequences to become prominent at this time, for they are the codes to distinguish Timeline and Dimensional atmospheres. As You fluctuate and enter 5D scenarios, these numbers lay near the thresholds as indicators. Follow ALL inner guidance in conjunction with God connection at these times, logic may be defied and must be.

Love and Light

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