23 February 2018

Shift in Timelines ~ Kamooh and Kelly Lapseritis ~ 22 February 2018

Source: Sasquatch People

“Many of your people are feeling this extreme shift in timelines. You may be more forgetful or notice how fast time is going by, or you even lose time that cannot be accounted for or end up in a situation that you cannot remember occurring.

That is because time is accelerating and space is contracting; a hallmark sign that Earth is moving into another density (level of consciousness awareness). This is also why things and facts seem to change.

Like the phenomenon your people refer to as the Mandela Effect, letters, words, and names change depending on your point of view in the hologram. Words and images that you perceive are dictated by the associated level or degree at that moment.

Humans also see this reflected in what you think is solid scientific fact. The truth is that nothing is solid, everything is created by the flow of consciousness and is subjective to change.

While some of your people may view this as problematic or unwanted experiences, it forces humans to live in the Moment of Now which is necessary for your ascension.”

- Sasquatch Elder Kamooh from The The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 3, Chapter 5 by Kelly Lapseritis

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