25 February 2018

Signals, Timelines and Looping ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 24 February 2018

Net of Light
Source: Laura Eisenhower

There are certain states of mind that the body can't contain anymore without it creating symptoms. When the same thing keeps looping, you know you need to crack the code and say to yourself, this is an unwanted item -- its time to jump out of the plane and not question whether the parachute works! Just soar, let go and trust! You are surrendering and still given the ability to steer things, like a Skipper and boat on the Ocean!


At all times we have the option to connect with certain signals and which ones we integrate determines the Timeline that we are on.

There is AI (Artificial Intelligence) signals that surround us and Archons --- Mind control, toxicity, disempowerment, entity attachments, false light, externalization of self, negative Ego traps, emotional contamination, duality, false Ascension into digression --- and then there is Organic Ascension signals -- Sovereignty, authenticity, Unity, honesty, integrity, shadow work, awareness, higher Consiousness, accountability...

It takes sensitivity, a bit of vulnerability, self-reflection, transparency, guts and the willingness ~ to know the difference.

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