15 February 2018

Smart Suits Part 2 ~ Messages From A Star Traveler ~ 13 February 2018

Source: Messages From A Star Traveler


There are smart suits with anti-gravity fields that propel them in water, these smart suits are designed for deep diving expeditions in the oceans where there are oceanic secret bases built with various reverse engineered ET domed technology. The domed bases are designed to be built deep below and above the ocean floors, near or within oceanic caves, caverns, etc. The domes look like glass but are built from different alloys which contain non destructible material composites. There are deep diving anti-gravity zero point technology submersibles which take large groups of personnel to the various domed oceanic bases.

The smart suit helmets have mini chip technology within them which are like super computers, these helmets can project holographic interfaces for GPS mapping of locations, video & audio recreation of events, communications, environmental life support, etc. The smart suit helmets can interlink with other computer systems, ship technologies, data bases, etc.

There is various types of smart suits for different functions:
- Light weight smart suits for general 7 day wear
- Battle Armor Smart Suits
- Mech smart suits for heavy duty artillery wars
- Environmental Suits
- Deep Diving Smart Suits
- Space Flight Smart Suits
- Heavy Duty construction & supplies transport smart suits

The Smart Suit technology has been featured in disclosure movies like Iron Man, GI Joe, Ender's Game, RoboCop, The Expanse TV Series discusses the Smart Suits built on Mars, etc.

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