18 February 2018

Staying Connected to Our Core Nature ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 17 February 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

When we take the time to call our creative energy back from distorted belief systems, outer News and the projections from others and we open ourselves up the the vast imagination and our divine power that has always been there, and paint reality from there, it mixes with the outer World.

We should take the time to focus on our intentions and keep negative behaviors in check, appreciating the pain and negative messages, for a chance to do some gardening and maintenance on the energy body. There is then more room to feel the inspiration come ~ the next bunch of seeds to plant, ideas and creations.

When things accumulate in the kitchen or in spaces we occupy or live in, we take that time in the physical to keep it cleanly to the best of our abilities, with a wide spectrum of standards out there. But to some degree, every part of us requires maintenance or things get toxic and out of balance ~ internalized emotions and too much on the mind, can attract the same sort of things that a sink full of dirty dishes would. Heart-ache without tears or release can create pain and lower immune system, any form of repression or accumulation creates issues.

Having Mastery with our words and the way we relate to others, is a challenge that comes with operating this vessel, but if the flow is there and its not all clogged up or broken down, it will run sweetly and it is a part of how we create Unity and this global shift.

Being plugged into anything other than our higher wisdom and Spirit, I think is dangerous.

We hold an override frequency when we stay connected to our core Nature and our creations are stronger ~ we are on the Timeline that serves our hearts and Souls.

The goal is not perfection, just more awareness about how to maintain this vessel and advance it, cause the potential is within every one.

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