21 February 2018

Supercharging Earth's Atmosphere ~ Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock ~ S28:Ep13 ~ 19 February 2018

It's nearing month-end (already?!) and that means time for me to see what's left to gift.

There are two more episodes before this one that haven't yet been shared (that I know of) but I wanted to skip ahead to this one first because this is right in our own backyard/garden.

I'll get to the previous two episodes in the next days.

Please watch here:

As we continue our exploration of the massive changes taking place throughout the solar system, our eyes turn toward home as we examine the cause of climate changes on Earth.

While the debate rages as to mankind’s involvement, evidence is coming forth linking solar activity to atmospheric anomalies. David Wilcock brings us the findings of a few scientists who dared to defy the establishment to bring us the results of their research, proving that our planet, and the radiation belts surrounding it, are more energized than previously thought. 

This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast February 19, 2018.

Some slides and notes follow.

Based on Dr Benny Peiser's research:
But mainstream "science" is still sticking to their old narrative; additionally, the Cabal doesn't want these Solar System changes to be known to the public, and are doing all they can to block these discoveries from reaching the masses. Additionally, they uphold their belief that Ascension is meant for them only, and not for the rest of us.
However, David points out that that doesn't mean we are off the hook.

David reminds us that this isn't "just a fluke" because there have been continuing changes in the Solar System post-2007.

He stresses that all these changes have nothing to do with the planet's/moon's tilt, the seasons or even the Solar energy. "There is a deeper connection," and this is all related to the Solar Flash ~ as documented in ancient texts and prophesies ~ and our eventual Ascension.

New Van Allen Belt in 1998:

Effect of the increased level of energ that's flooding the Solar System:

 Interstellar matter detected in new Van Allen belt:

Proof that Nasa knew about this years before 1998, right in the early days of the Internet:

There was so much unexpected energy that they lost this tethered satellite when it encountered way more power than it could manage:

The broken tether and next slide, which suggested massive EMP pulse that Nasa didn't want to mention:

Where's all that Hydroxyl (which is ozone-like) coming from?

It's a charged particle that comes from the interstellar medium! QED....David gleefully proving his point....

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