14 February 2018

Taripaypacha ~ LOVE: Embodiment of the Universe as ONE ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 13 January 2018

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Taripaypacha ...

LOVE - embodiment of the universe AS ONE.

Now that we have survived January of 2018... We are preparing for what is coming next in 2018, even if we think that we have never been less ready than ever before. Feeling not ready is a clue that you/we/us are about to make big strides and stretch larger in our evolution. Thus feeling of unpreparedness means that this is the new territory that we have asked for.

We are now gearing up to break through a tissue thin barrier that is holding us back. This is all that is left between us and our future.

This process can feel scary and cause us to temporarily contract, as new energies can cause fear/excitement. Both feelings trigger and can drain the adrenal glands. So pace yourself, and focus on lots of self care.

At this time we might face basic survival issues, worry about money and hold on so tight that we could strangle our budding manifesting super powers. We might be overly practical. We also might feel the need to protect our hearts as communication is really challenging right now. We don’t seem to get heard in the way we intended. Remember to listen hard and speak softly. We might feel like we have wasted much precious time.

Remember, this time frequency is not what we are use to. Our ideas of what we expect to do in each day are changing. Many people are struggling through a necessary ego death. We need to be patient with ourselves and the grueling, lonely feeling it leaves us with. Sound horrible yes? But there are good things coming. You cannot heal what you do not feel. And life appears to be super emotional right now.

It might feel like what is holding us back is a really thick, tough barrier today. But once we weaken and compromise this barrier, it will burst like a dam. A new egoless and humbled authentic self, with a refined self-esteem and a finely tuned path, is slowly beginning to emerge. This is the good stuff that all this work brings forward.

Humanity will begin the journey of an unchartered path, coming back from a collective dark night of the soul. It is a long path, so pace yourself. And remember, any new energies that we encounter, we will need some adjustment time, even if it is an awesome, brilliant, new light. I have to laugh because there has been next to no adjustment time in the last six weeks or so.

From May to late October 2018, the veils will be thinner more than ever, and this evolutionary process will dive even deeper as we breach through the next layer, the God/Goddess veil. This will trigger deep, core mysticism and magic, deeper personal work and much more purging simultaneously. This thinned portal can be very ethereal if one slows down by getting out of old routines and deep rutts, and merge with it. We begin to feel something else is driving us, our lives and our world. This coming time is steeped in deep mystery and magic and filled with energy fueled, God given, natural abilities that we remember on a primal level.

But right now, through 2018, the world’s old paradigms are fracturing apart to make room for a new reality. We might feel fragmented, foggy, depressed and not fully present, and our days will just fly by. Our live’s foundation might feel like it is on quicksand, but this is only temporary. We may find ourselves needing to work toward higher frequency relationships, geographical locations to call home, new jobs or simply quit serving or working for a short break.

We are inching closer to the end of male/female separation and are beginning to move through and heal the original wound of humanity, so we can return to paradise ... the pure untouched ocean of creation of which we were birthed from ... but still maintaining human form.

In Inca tradition, Taripaypacha (tah-ree-pie-pah-cha) means we encounter the entire universe as one and entering a new golden era. This is the embodiment of a higher LOVE. It is an age of meeting our authentic selves again, and heralds the reunion of “the people” (gathering of soul family), and the birth of a new world. In the past, this was experienced as a solo spiritual experience, but now we are learning to experience this as one. It is only a thin veil that keeps us from this oneness now. Sacred travel, along with meditation, ceremony, deep listening to ancestors, and spiritual archaeology accelerates the process of this emergence.

Do you feel YOU are a part of this new emerging world?
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I wrote this message during our first rain storm in I can’t remember how long. It is funny how water can make you clear as a bell. And out here in the desert, we don’t get much rain. As I became clear, I understood the thin veiled portal between May and October. I realized that the only two pilgrimages that we are offering in 2018 are during these portal dates. Combining a time of thinned veils coupled with spiritual pilgrimage can give us a powerful push forward.

Our sacred Avalon / England pilgrimage is in the first two weeks of July (registration closing soon. So don’t hesitate to sign up).
We are already starting to feel a fine tuning and deep polishing of the new, empowered Goddess, merged with the true awakened man. We can also feel a deep, soul healing laced with joyful and blissful experiences that bond our group in ways that only sacred pilgrimage can.

We wind up in October in powerful Egypt (sold out). http://www.alunajoy.com/pilgrimages.html
We can already feel the final touches of authentic empowerment, new world alchemy and refined wisdom coming to our group to seal in decades of sacred pilgrimage (ask to be on our Egypt cancellation list if you can see yourself with us. Anything is possible).

We are blessed. Over the years, our pilgrimages have become deep, blessed portals in which many people have found many members of their true soul family. This can help ease deep loneliness and isolation which many of service, to Earth and humanity, tend to feel sometimes. It is my greatest joy in life to see these global family connections grow even bigger with each passing year.

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