16 February 2018

The Arch Library

This is most interesting. Emery Smith was explaining about this micro-disc in an episode of Cosmic Disclosure. They are extensively used in the SSPs and have terabytes of storage capacity.

Source: Emery Smith

I'm learning how useful social media can be! I was tagged in a post regarding this recent article:


I don't pay too much attention to the news, so thank you for sharing this with me and bringing it to my attention.

So, a few months ago I started sharing information publicly with David Wilcock on Gaia TV's Cosmic Disclosure show. One of the technologies I spoke about was in the most recent episode released actually, and the technology was called a micro-disc, which was basically used as a hard drive to store my work on. I shared this with Dave on camera back in November, and this article was published 2 days ago!

The micro-discs I worked with are nearly exact in size to the ones published in this article, and the technology discussed is incredibly similar to what I shared with you all just a few months ago. Now we are seeing it being shared on with the public on a larger scale. This is really exciting to see as it is inspiring me to keep going forward with talking about these suppressed technologies. It makes me wonder what else will be brought of hiding now that it's not so secret anymore lol 🙂 I shared this months ago, and today I'm seeing it disclosed in a news article. Perhaps we really are making waves in this moment by simply talking about it.

Let me know your thoughts and keep spreading the word! This was another great confirmation for me that my coming forward was a positive step in the right direction. The whole point of sharing information with the public about these suppressed technologies was to get the word out, hopefully bringing enough awareness to the matter that would make an actual difference.

Of course they aren't exact, but it is an interesting "coincidence" if you believe in those

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