23 February 2018

What Your Soul Wants ~ Lee Harris ~ 22 February 2018

Listen to your Soul
and what it wants
Source: Lee Harris

Sometimes you’re going through something that’s difficult for you and it comes from the collective belief system or the collective emotional field.

But if you keep looking to listen to your soul and what it wants, you will find this voice inside you - a voice of a loving fire. A fire that more than wanting to keep you alive, wants you to live, which is a very different thing.

We stay alive as long as our heart is beating. We flourish when we live. And grandiose dreams are not necessarily living. Living does not have to look big in the eyes of another.

For most people, true living is just being able to be connected at a deeper level than ever before.

From: Authentic Power
Listen here: http://bit.ly/authenticpowerleeharris

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