21 March 2018

5D Shift: Understanding the Torsional Influx of High Vibrational Energy ~ Open ~ 12 March 2018

Source: Openhand

The Great 5D Shift is engaging higher gears now. The shadow side of humanity has fully revealed itself. I can now feel this being met by a strong response from Benevolence - the stakes in this global 'game' have just been raised: in that there's a strong influx of higher vibrational energy coming in to stir up the bed of this mucky pond. Because the density is being so challenged, it's also meaning that the light can flow in more strongly. It's coming in to connect the dots between people, to initiate stronger collective positive action to support the shift. How can tuning into these flows benefit you?...

Insurges of Higher Vibrational Energy
Since the recent Breakthrough World Tour I have hardly slept a wink. Each time I close my eyes, or sit in quiet stillness, a force of such incredible energy surges through my higher chakras and engages the field around. The energy is literally seeking out some of the densest vibrations on the planet and stirring them up. The torsional force is at times so strong, it feels like my third eye is literally going to explode!
But as I encourage with everyone else, don't back away from the intensity you feel. Instead look right into the heart of it, feel right in. Unravel any of your own retraction or resistance. Open yourself out through it. In that way you infuse soul and become a more powerful channel of light.
What will the effect of these insurges be?


3D World on the Cusp of Crucial Change
I get the sense that the 3D world is on the cusp of a crucial change which could see the direction take very different pathways. Big business and the old consciousness has been further elected to even greater power. Yet in itself, this is not a bad thing. Because the shadow side has just revealed itself even more strongly. And I can literally feel these nauseous, unpleasant and very toxic reflections stirring many people up.
It's time. Humanity must step out of his own shadow in order to truly rise out of this density.
So imagine it this way: the veils over truth have first been stripped away - the veils that were preventing people seeing what's really happening to life on the planet. This uncovered darkness then pulls in a counterbalancing light, like waves rushing into an imprint in the sand. And in this imprint, sentient creatures have the chance to return to the ocean once more. So the light is rushing in. What does this mean in a practical sense?

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