15 March 2018

A Small Fragment of Solara's March 2018 Surf Report

Solara's website is The Nvisible. This is an excerpt ~ full report can be obtained here.

Shifting Timelines

March enters on a Full Moon and leaves on a Full Moon, making it a brilliant, breakthrough month. Many things will turn around into a new position. This will give us a totally new vantage point in which to see previously hidden elements of the New Landscape which we couldn't see before. It will enable us to drastically revise our priorities and realign ourselves with our true coordinates. The energies are building up for something massive and life changing for many of us.

Even though there is lots of outer activity in March, major shifts are taking place within us. The waves of the past are still folding into our present moment. They are either merging people and situations of the past within us on a completely new level or these people and situations are now departing our lives.

At the same time, some family and friends from our past are surprisingly starting to awaken. This is happening to those whom we never thought this would happen to. When it does, we need to be ready to welcome them with open hearts, rather than hold them to who they used to be.

The Great Divide between duality and the New Reality continues to widen. This is especially apparent in the obvious gaps between the obscenely rich 1% and the rising numbers of those who are poor and struggling. The awakened ones and those who are proudly holding onto their ignorance. The ones with compassion and those who lack compassion. Between those who are serving themselves and those who are serving humanity. The ones who nourish the New Reality and those still feeding duality.

We also have a Great Divide within ourselves. Our internal division may be between the part of us which needs to make money and our creative side. Or between our rational mind who thinks we need to be practical and our intuitive side which would rather follow our Heart's Knowingness. We may be split between wanting to have a lucrative career and our strong inner desire to serve humanity. We may feel torn between trying to maintain a rigid schedule and the yearning to step beyond Time. We may think we want worldly luxury, but at the same time find our true nourishment in simple things. Or we may be an aware person who has suddenly become polarized by duality and now perceives parts of humanity as the "enemy".

What's very encouraging right now is that we are in the midst of unifying the parts of our beings which have long been separate. These are major elements of who we are that we never thought could be brought together. It always felt that we had to choose between them, which was something that we found nearly impossible to do. It has often felt like we were living in two different worlds that needed to come together as one.

A powerful activation of our Cellular Memory Banks is taking place that is bringing forth the knowingness of Who We Really Are on a level that we haven't previously accessed. This gives us a new acceptance of Who We Are, Where We Are and Why We Are Here. Our Cellular Memory Banks are triggering us to openly come out and reveal our True Core Being on a greatly expanded level. We will be openly expressing previously unseen facets of our beings. This may occur in ways that will surprise us.

Since the powerful infusion of the New Reality that occurred at the beginning of the year, we have been in an accelerated process of shifting Timelines. This is happening naturally as the old Timelines break apart and the New Timelines are inserted into the Spaces in Between.

Time is collapsing at an accelerated rate. It's like a clock on which the numbers have fallen off and the hands are loosening. Unexpected new elements are arriving and slowly moving into position until our old clock is transformed into something unrecognizable. Perhaps, it still keeps time, but not a time that we've known before.

The New Timelines bring with them a completely New Rhythm of life that is aligned with the New Reality. They effortlessly move us into the Timeless True Worlds, only it's not the Timeless True Worlds that we've known before. It's the Timeless True Worlds which are now merged into the New Reality of AN.

The Ancient True Songs were the songs we sang at the beginning of this world to sing it alive. They were sung in our true languages ~ the language of the stars. They created and kept open our route to the Timeless True Worlds. They were our Songs of Remembrance, reminding us of Worlds within Worlds far beyond this one, reminding us of our True Homes within the Stars.

Now as we move onto a New Timeline, our Ancient True Songs are returning, only now they are deeply transformed. They no longer sing to us of the beginning of this world ~ for we are reaching its appointed completion. Instead our New True Songs are singing to us of a New World that is being born, the New Reality of AN. These New True Songs are woven into the New Timelines/

March will bring us much freshness and new energy, plus a freedom to expand beyond what we thought was possible. Old habits may be discarded without any warning. The numbers will keep falling off the clocks. Time either collapses or expands into No-Time. The New Timeline steadily becomes our predominant Timeline.

We are like eggs who through years of effort have already cracked off most of our shell of illusion. As our external shell is peeled off, the expired elements of our past are removed. Now, there is only a thin membrane separating us from fully embodying our Trueness.

To dissolve this final membrane, we have to DO something. It won't happen without some decisive action on our part. This is connected with finding our unique way of serving humanity. To discover this, find something that interests you. Something that gives you joy. Look for something that needs to be done to make this a truer world, which isn't currently being done. Start at your front door and go outwards.

Each of us who cracks our shell, softens the shells of all.

Each of us who dissolves our final membrane, thins the membranes of all.

Each of us who pulls the thread of our beings out of the tapestry of duality,
loosens the hold of duality for all.

Each of us who sings our New True Song,
adds our voice to the Song of One and births the New World.

This is a tiny fragment of Solara's complete MARCH 2018 SURF REPORT. The Full MARCH Surf Report contains lengthy sections on: Review of February 2018, Shifting Gears, Shifting Timelines, Healing our Internal Great Divide, Dissolving the Final Membrane, and the MARCH 2018 Overview.

Solara's Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription for $11 per month in English, German, Russian and Spanish at the Nvisible Mercado: NVISIBLE MERCADO.

We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!

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