21 March 2018

'Alien' Mummies from Peru have Human Chromosome Numbers, but not Anatomy – Scientists ~ Jaime Maussan ~ 13 March 2018

Emery Smith posted this link ~ I used to follow the initial episodes of this discovery on Gaia TV and even posted a couple of episode links here. If I remember correctly, I think Emery mentioned this in one of his Cosmic Disclosure appearances as well.

It is interesting to note that RT has edited the article to include some details about Professor Korotkov's "questionable past research" ~ they refer to his work on the human energy fields.

It would be remiss of me if I didn't mention that Cobra has suggested not to place too much attention on this discovery. As always, I leave this for your own Higher Guidance.

Source: RT

Russian researchers have analyzed tissue samples from one of the mysterious alien creatures uncovered in Peru last year. The mummy, with an elongated skull and only three fingers, has excited ufologists since its discovery.

EDITORIAL NOTE: This story has been updated with information on Konstantin Korotkov's questionable past research to give readers a better perspective on his claims about the Peruvian mummies.

Preliminary analysis of the tissue samples revealed that the mummy, found in a tomb near the Nazca lines of Peru and named Maria, is a “humanoid being” with 23 pairs of chromosomes – so far, so human. It dates back to about the 5th century AD, a full millennium before Europeans discovered America.

A professor of the National Research University in St. Petersburg, Konstantin Korotkov, and Natalya Zaloznaya, radiologist and specialist in computer tomography at the International Biological Systems Institute, collected the tissue samples in Peru and brought them back to St. Petersburg for analysis.

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Professor Korotkov is known for his research into dubious scientific phenomena. He is, among other things, a proponent of the use of 1930s photography techniques to create images of peoples' auras, which he claims can be used to diagnose illness in place of X-ray scans and tomography. He also claims to have found proof of life after death and filmed the activity of a dead person's soul.

Korotkov believes Maria could be a representative of a certain race that evolved much earlier than we did, “maybe thousands of years earlier,” he said. The professor hypothesized that this race may have perished as a result of a flood or a comet strike.

The team is now keen to find out how Maria’s composition resembles that of people in South America, Africa or elsewhere. “Right now we are making a detailed analysis to see if the position of all the chromosomes, of all the amino acids, coincides with ours,”said Korotkov to Mir 24.

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