16 March 2018

An Invitation to Unity Consciousness ~ Sandra Walter ~ 15 March 2018

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

This wave presents a huge opportunity for our Mastery, let us Unify.
March 15-17: Cosmic Stargate alignment, opening the Solar and Gaia Gateways. Beloveds with skills, please participate.

March 17: New Moon 6:14am PT. Gates open. Calling in Highest timelines for all concerned.

March 18 SUNday Unity Meditations at 8:11am, 11:11am and 5;11pm Pacific Time. You know what happens in these sessions; start feeling what is possible as this influx enters on the same day as our meditations. Call everyone available to participate; Unity is our Safe Haven, and our strength.

March 18-20: Influx intensifies via the SUN (Solaris) BEFORE EQUINOX. Solar flickering activity may be witnessed in the etheric as well as the physical; stronger than previous flashing activity we have seen. Breathe. Receive. Let the Lightbody expand.

Tuesday, March 20 at 9:15am PT: Equinox, Conscious Wayshower Global anchoring.

March 21-April 7: Strong Transitional Embodiment phase for those upgrading to the multidimensional 5D-7D-9D Lightbody.
May all of creation be Blessed by our Unity
Gratitude to all who are overriding and overwriting the lower realities each moment with your love, dedication and pure Service. We see you, we feel you. We love you, we bless you, we thank you.
May all of Creation be blessed, renewed and purified into Divine Beingness by this Divine Light. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension.

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In Love, Light and Service,

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