11 March 2018

Artificial Intelligence - Laura Eisenhower - 10 March 2018

Something from Laura Eisenhower to ponder over. I would accept the assistance of technology that is benign or "organic" in nature, while I'm re-learning/re-membering/recalling my own abilities and capabilities.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

I personally don't want to rely on Alien technologies. I want myself and my own higher abilities first, cause I recognize that this human vessel has the potential of being the most advanced technology of all and this goes for everyone too.

Even if my physical perishes, I stay devoted to being Sovereign and getting where I need to go on my own terms, with my heart, mind and Consciousness in the Divine realms. I dedicate myself to illuminating my own healing abilities and I trust the organic unfoldment.

AI is a trap, it eventually digresses us. Any promise of being saved or taken into a more advanced civilization based on ET suggestion and presence, I question. I do know there are beneficial technologies though, as long as it flows with Nature and Soul. My place in Disclosure is reminding us of who we truly are and we don't need to rely on anything else to speed up the process, we just have to simply release ourselves from the things that have dumbed us down and attacked us.

This doesn't mean that we shouldn't connect with higher dimensional beings or use some forms of technology, we just need to be wary of false light, short-cuts and false channeling.

The Saviors are often the ones who compromised us to begin with, so that when they come to save the day, we gladly make agreements out of fear and survival instead of empowerment.

If we are empowered, we can fully agree to our own organic development through direct connection with Spirit and Nature.

This is the guiding principle to rediscovering our own true potential and the remembrance of how to work with modalities that serve us. This is the path to being the higher dimensional beings, knowing it is within us and ready to be acknowledged.

Spiritual development should come before technological advancement, so that we can have discernment and not lose connection with our Soul essence.