11 March 2018

Ascension Assistance ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 11 March 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

The most benevolent being that is assisting us with planetary Ascension, is our Mother Earth and Higher self.

The more we anchor our higher self into the physical, the more we raise the vibration of the planet. The more we embody all that has been compromised and targeted, the more the weapons and assaults will be dismantled and neutralized.

In just knowing what has been targeted, we can hold on to these things more strongly and not disconnect or get lost in a distortion.

Sacred Union and our Sovereignty has been messed with, so all we need to do is reclaim it, by saying YES, I devote to this.

We must ask our higher self to be more present in our lives. We should look at the health of our relationships with others, to gage our own sense of self-worth and ask ourselves, "Do I have healthy boundaries? Do I give too much? Do I feel worthy of real Love? Do I fear intimacy? ect. ".

We should say YES to the transformations and activations that are available when we stand in alignment to the Unified field and the Earth body, this expands our Consciousness and strengthens our life force. This purifies the inner elements, which then plays a part in the purification of the outer elements -- until we recognize that we are on the Timeline that is taking us into higher Earth energies.

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