09 March 2018

Being In Our Truth ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

If you are in your resonance in truth, and you are speaking a truth that others are in resistance to, you may just be confronting their resistance. Everyone has to go through their stuff, as it were, in order to come into their own prosperity as consciousness. And that means that once you have defied a construct and moved beyond it, you can allow others to as well through your resonance energetically and also through your example as a Divine Being demonstrating his, her ownership of her own abilities in truth. But you cannot make someone change their will. To do that brings their will into a defiant place. 

We will say that there is a great reason why people are taught best through example. Other than owning your own experience in the best possible way, you give others permission to acclimate to your frequency and to the resonance that is you in a vibratory level in their way without propositioning them in your intentions to bring them to this place that you are now standing in in vibration.

Paul Selig –The Book of Love and Creation
A channeled text

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