31 March 2018

Crossing the Crystalline Bridges: Part One ~ Sandra Walter ~ 29 March 2018

"Ascension is a command from Source; our entire Universe is shifting."
Sandra Walter

This is a Cosmic Reset, a re-write of Creation, a new Book of Life ~ nothing can stay the same. 

Sandra Walter's brilliant update deserves our full attention, and a second reading if necessary.

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Obviously it has been an intense few weeks as this next light level flows in. This series of intel addresses the mulitidimensional levels of what is unfolding for the Ascension in this now. I AM about to travel to Sedona for High-Vibe gatherings, which feels well-timed as April provides unique interaction with the crystalline bridges to the New Earth experience. Kindwhile, this series of articles may provide clarity and support.

We are experiencing major releases of plasma light pulses. Ancient codes are stepping forth for higher timelines. Unlock what you planted here for Ascension, beloveds. The Crystalline Grid is adjusting the New Earth Grids for stability; Intend flow, ease and grace.

Meditate to feel the bliss, expansion and soothe the clearing activity. Focus on the heart as the energy field stimulation is very strong, especially for embodiers of the Christed frequency. The whole-body vibrations and surges will continue to amplify. Shake it til you make it!

Your lightbody is changing right now, don’t let the mind distract from this sacred transformation. Deep Soul group activity also present; we are migrating realities as a collective.

Note the activated heart torus expansion – like a big balloon of light. Spin crystalline-diamond-Christed light through these fields, it truly supports balance and integration. Extra water and oxygenation; we are purging the uncomplimentary DNA patterns and imprints from the cells. Release, weep, smile, we got this. It is safe to change.

This initial thrust of the Equinox wave lasts through April 7. Keep the focus on Highest Primary timelines for all. Join the SUNday Unity Meditations for collective amplification, balance and healing. Full Moon unified Gatekeeping and Gridwork this Saturday, March 31 at 5:37AM PT.

Crossing the Crystalline Bridges: Part One

Geomagentic storms were strong during the initial blows of these Cosmic Winds. Solar wind (plasma influxes) are consistent; a stream of higher vibrational Source-light-encoded light. Alignments during this passage assist the ever-increasing influx of these plasma delivery systems. This phase is different, however. Energies always rise and grow stronger, that is the shift itself. This new frequency is revealing higher trajectories for many, which in turn levels up the collective Ascension.

As the planetary magnetics shift, it opens Gateways – ancient Gateways – for activation of Gaia’s crystalline core to radiate 5D activations. It also triggers awakened DNA and lightbodies to go into Ascension mode. This is why the body, mind, and emotions are so stimulated right now. This is the new light level consistently blooming, expanding us into the next creation which is already in place. New Earth Now.

This Divine Will influx is significantly altering the magnetics and grids of Gaia. Note the consistent solar wind and geomagnetic storms all throughout the Equinox influx from March 15. This is strong energy, powerful dimensional-shifting, consciousness-raising light. On the evening of March 16th I experienced six hours of watching the lightwave come nearer, activating extremely pure planetary and star toroidal fields in nearby systems. There were also vast fields of sparkling 5D-rainbow plasma flowing with this activity. More on that in the next article.

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