17 March 2018

Deja Vu, Numerical Synchronicities, Pink Sky & Energy Flashes

Despite having hardly any time to call my own, I obeyed an increasingly loud and nagging nudge to come up with this post.

I believe that with the quantum increase in high energies bombarding Humanity, the rate of Synchronicities experienced by very many people have risen exponentially in tandem. Feelings of deja vu are still present and becoming frequent. Many are sharing gorgeous photos of breath-taking skies (with and without ships present) and the energy flashes have also been increasing again. This post is about all of these.

I've put together screenshots and photos of several numerical synchronicities that I've seen just in the past days. There were several more that I haven't been able to record. You'll see a couple that I missed by just one second as I had to grapple with the phone and fiddle with buttons to take screenshots of screensavers.
"52255" and "52225"; missed 11:11 by a second
I also decided to check an fb account to which I was "volunteered" as an administrator and found a synchronicity there immediately. I then checked my blog for statistics and saw another numerical synchronicity.
Left: from fb account of which I'm an extremely reluctant administrator; Right: from my blog

The above two images were taken by an unprepared passenger when I saw lots of pink in the sky as I was driving. So do excuse the blurriness as I was on the highway and had to keep moving. I promise you that the actual view is truly fabulous ~ a gorgeous pink with iridescent outlines and patches, covering huge swathes of the blue sky. The photos have not been edited.

Finally, the now-ever-present intense energies ~ and in ever-increasing potency ~ are finding their way into every crack, nook and cranny, with no intention of letting up. They are uprooting and upturning everything that needs to be uprooted and upturned. If you have family members or close friends in your circle who are being uprooted and upturned, I empathise and send you my healing energies and Love. I know how that is like.... 💜

Namaste and Blessings! We will keep going, and we will continue to put one foot in front of the other. We will shine our Divine Light, no matter what. Because that's what we do.


  1. I'm happy to see your comments here, I've been seeing the pink sky during the midday over the past few weeks and wondered if others were too... and everything else you mentioned too. Love your page btw, daily reader, first time commenter lol.

    1. Thank you for your support, Jenny <3 I really felt so pushed to come out with this, because I understood that the more we put this "out there", the more people will begin to tune into all these occurrences. Sort of like creating the space for more people to experience these beautiful promptings.

      Blessings :)