14 March 2018

Diamond Light Codes Streaming In ~ Celia Fenn ~ 13 March 2018

Celia Fenn reminds us that the intense energies we are receiving does not always translate into Solar activity ~ they can be coming directly from the Galactic Centre and beyond.

Source: Celia Fenn

As we enter the week before the Sacred Equinox StarGate we can feel the powerful energies of change rising.

Since the Sun is in Solar Minimum, the powerful transmissions of Light Codes being received now are coming from deep Cosmic sources and are working deep in our Light Body and our Cellular DNA.

As the Seasons prepare to change we are involved in a powerful process of personal and planetary ReGenesis. This means we are rebirthing and renewing as we reconnect with the Wild and the Creative within ourselves and within Nature.

The Diamond Light Codes are streaming to Earth bringing powerful waves of Divine Love and Compassion.

This energy may be felt in intense ways as disturbed sleep patterns, anxiety, stress and depression. But.....Remember that you are a Master of Light and you can hold your center in Love, Peace and Compassion. Be Light.....and light in the way you live.

Focus on Nature and natural living and creative inspiration, and disengage from the lower frequencies of stress and fear.

Focus on Beauty and Harmony within and on connecting with your wild nature within, and then you will find these things in your outer world too.

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