07 March 2018

Dr Susan Kolb & Guest Dr Ibrahim Karim: Temple of Health Radio Show ~ 10 February 2018

Some months ago, a dear friend introduced me to Ibrahim Karim. I found his work to be an eye-opener, and loved the way he describes his BioSignatures as solid musical notes (frequencies) for healing through harmonising discordant energies.

This interview was most fascinating as I learnt more about the nature of Biogeometry, which fundamentally transmutes distorted energies into its beneficial form. Ibrahim Karim also relates his Hemberg Swiss Project where he was called in by the government to neutralise mobile technology radiation.

Also of great interest is when he got to the part about emotions, thought and intentions affecting subtle energies ~ what BioSignatures are, essentially ~ and quoted the late Dr Emoto's work as an example. I believe the same applies to Keshe's work with plasma as well ~ the succeess (or otherwise) of the product/device is greatly dependent upon the energies of the person(s) working on it.

Please download or listen to the audio at Temple of Health Radio Show.

Ibrahim Karim's website is BioGeometry.

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