08 March 2018

Energy Bursts Arriving from Deep in Space have Strange Origin, Scientists Say ~ The Independent ~ 10 January 2018

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Source: The Independent

Scientists have picked up something very unusual about one of the most strange phenomenon we know.

Fast radio bursts are some of the most mysterious and intriguing phenomenon in our universe. They are incredibly strong, incredibly short blasts of energy that reach us from deep in the universe – and little more is known about them than that.

Now scientists have suggested that they are coming from an "extreme" environment. Such a situation is thought to form around black holes, though could be the result of other strange astrophysical circumstances.

The signals appear to be coming from somewhere with very strong and very rare magnetic fields. Such a situation is thought to be the result of being in the area around a black hole, though could come from other causes.

Those findings came from a study that looked at one of the bursts called FRB 121102. That's the only one of the incredibly bright signals from which there have been repeated bursts, making it the most reliable for researchers to study.

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