21 March 2018

Equinox Gateway Diamond Light ~ Celia Fenn ~ 20 March 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

As the Equinox Gateway opens, the Diamond Light is streaming through.
It is so bright where I live I felt totally bedazzled driving home from my painting class.
I don't remember when last the Equinox light has been so powerful!

This wonderful translucent light is lifting consciousness, flooding the Grids and our Light Bodies and helping to establish and manifest the New Earth.

It is also illuminating anything....beliefs or relationships.....that may be holding us back from crossing the dimensional bridge into the New Earth. It is finding what we may call the "original" or "ur" wound in this life time and other lifetimes that we may still be carrying and that now finally needs to be laid down and released.

This process of releasing heavy low frequency energy and making space for the new High Frequency Diamond Light can be an exhausting process. Many people may feel like they just need to sleep as much as they can, but when they get to bed they cannot sleep.

This is simply because the Golden Solar light and the Diamond Light is so energizing on a deep level that it may be difficult to "switch off" as you acclimate to these new levels of light. Just try to rest as much as you can and know that it will settle soon.

Have a wonderful Equinox and safe passage through the Solar Portal! 

If you are feeling these energies then you are heading for the 9th Dimensional Master of Light in the New Earth energy.


What we have worked for is here.


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