16 March 2018

Forgiveness ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 15 March 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

I forgive myself, I forgive others, I choose Love no matter what...

The by- product of it is not our problem. We need to keep forging ahead no matter what!

I will just stand my ground, speak my Truth and have boundaries where they are needed.

There is a constant assault that messes with us, it reveals itself in the face of the most profound changes for the better. Lets keep choosing the higher road, our own Sovereignty and know this is the Override Frequency that can dismantle all the BS that is trying to bring us down.

Let the assaults become a tool for empowerment, instead of something that crushes us, bringing a feeling of defeat. Not allowing these attacks to penetrate our being, is where we find Victory....

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