01 March 2018

Further Insights into the Mechanics of Flashing Consciousness ~ Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D. ~ 14 July 2014

Source: Multidimensional Consciousness

The mechanics of consciousness as pertains to projection of coherent light on a soul has been discussed. It is elucidated that consciousness is discrete in nature and occurs on a quantum scale through flashing of adamantine or akash particles. 

These particulate units of consciousness flow or convert from antimatter in the ethereal to matter in the physical and vice versa via a purely conservative process that is both cyclic and non-dissipative in terms of energy consumption. It is further explained that this flashing of the light of consciousness is facilitated through black and white holes contained with the conical vortices of our chakras that serve as energetic particle accelerators. 

The fundamental principle behind the inhaling ‘in’ and exhaling ‘out’ of the antimatter-matter and its reverse process is that it occurs sequentially among various distinct continuums of time and space within separate parallels of dimensional consciousness that define our multidimensionality. These processes occur all spontaneously in the continuous NOW moment without any discernment in our physical consciousness within a particular parallel. 

Two parameters are envisioned to describe the extent of consciousness within a parallel that, in essence, are indigenous to that particular continuum of time and space within the said particular dimensional reality. These are the ‘light quotient’ that depicts the decay time of consciousness between sequential flashes of light of consciousness, the so-called ‘darkening period,’ and the resonant ‘frequency of vibration’ of that particular parallel dimension. 

It is envisaged that the notion of multidimensionality within a particular parallel dimension of reality is accentuated as the natural frequency of vibration or light quotient of a soul aspect animating within that parallel is increased. 

Finally, it is explicated that a crystalline form such as the well anticipated ‘Light Body genetics’ comprised of silicate-based, ordered and coherent, crystalline molecular matter is thought to merge the limited frontal mind with that of the divine God Mind, culminating in expedient consciousness expansion, and refined discernment of multidimensionality. 

Furthermore, it is clarified that a crystalline form has the advantage of ‘tuning’ the human energy field harmonically to myriads of dimensional fields more effectively, thus reducing the ‘darkening period’ between discrete consecutive flashes of consciousness within a parallel. 

   The Flashing Consciousness
  • The Prime Creator has provided humanity and, indeed, all sentient beings with a matrix of consciousness through particulates of light that have been referred to as the ‘akash’ or ‘adamantine’ particles.
  • This process occurs in a ‘flash of time’ and on a quantum scale, to create us as ‘units of consciousness’ of its mega-conscious omnipotence.
  • For us, the universe seems to flash ‘in’ and ‘out,’ pulsating with consecutive sequence of light energy in a frame by frame manner with these ‘consciousness units.’
  • This divine light energy is received in our energetic aura, which serves as a storage containment.
  • Our aura interfaces with the accelerating vortices of our chakras that act as a system of black-white holes to respectively convert the antimatter light energy into more usable electromagnetic light energies in order to be utilized physically within our earthly vessels.
  • The electromagnetic units of light energy, being stroboscopic in nature, pulse ‘in’ and ‘out’ of all realities.
  • These flashing energy units of light are geometric in nature, and have a very short ‘life’ span.
  • The whole process occurs through what the author refers to as the ‘Engine of Life.’

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