21 March 2018

Is Consciousness Heterogeneous, Homogeneous or Hologramic? ~ Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi ~ 18 July 2014

Life, as we know it, constitutes what is beyond matter (anti-matter) embedded in matter (physical body).
Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi PhD

"Consciousness is ALL THERE IS in the multiverse."

Source: Multi-Dimensional Consciousness

An oversoul is comprised of a collection of souls and group souls which are certainly diverse in terms of consciousness.

• How does one categorize such a conglomerate of distinctively various consciousnesses?
• How does one define the quality or inherent characteristic of consciousness?
• Is consciousness a linear phenomenon?
• If yes, does principle of superposition apply to consciousness in which one can consider consciousness quality to be additive?
• Or does one need to think of simple averaging scheme or even more complicated patterns for finding the Overall property associated with consciousness?
• Is consciousness homogeneous? Does the consciousness of entirety equal to consciousness of each constituent part?
• It appears not.
• So, as different souls composing an Oversoul have different statuses of consciousness, does the entirety constitute a heterogeneous matrix?
• And, the answer is “definitely not!”
• Although the extent of consciousness units associated with each constituent soul may be variedly different, the inherent property of consciousness is undoubtedly universal.
• In order words, we all have the potential for gaining further consciousness.
• We are all a chip of the old block.
• We all have the same etheric gene for consciousness expansibility.
Slide1• It is also clear that consciousness is additive.
• This means it may be superimposed one upon another to create a blob, a leviathan entity consisting of Mega Consciousness.
• Hence, consciousness is hologramic.
• Since, in essence, Light and consciousness are interchangeable, one can look at following parallel:
• Consider a light source is being projected onto an object.
• Obviously the object receives the light and acquires a certain degree of luminosity.
• Now assume the process is continuously repeated through projecting more and more light from the same [e.g. adding another light bulb] or other sources [a different projector].
• As the process continues, the object becomes brighter and brighter, and in essence, the ‘intensity’ of the overall light illuminating the object increases.
• This is analogous to having the consciousness units of the object [Soul] being increased.
• Although the intensity of the light has increased it adds nothing to the potential for luminosity of the object.
• In another words, the inherent property of the object associated with its capability to absorb, deflect, or reflect light does not change whatsoever.
• This property of the object is indigenous of the color and type of the material it is made of.
• A black, mat type of matter absorbs light in form of heat, while a glass, crystal or diamond reflects more light tremendously, and respectively.
• Consciousness is embedded in antimatter.
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