14 March 2018

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 13 March 2018

Laura Eisenhower addresses a pertinent topic that needs to be honestly voiced.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

So tired of people thinking that because you are in the field of UFOlogy or any healing profession that is alternative, you should do it for free. If it is Spiritual, it should be free is also the attitude. Truth shouldn't cost anything.

Great, it is available for you to discover then. It takes a long time to unravel the lies, programs and deceptions and to learn the art of beneficial healing modalities.

With all the free stuff that people do in this field, which includes free videos and interviews and more than just that and to then expect them to not be compensated for anything beyond what they already do for free, is ridiculous.

The people that say this have jobs that pay and careers that pay, I guess cause their work isn't in service to humanity it is different. Well, that makes it kind of worse, it means you have bought into the system and you don't live an authentic life and you expect those who do, to not pay rent or eat.

Makes zero sense.

I guess people who do things that aren't based in their spiritual values should get paid and those that do, should be penniless. I wish more people could see the value in supporting energetic exchanges and things that can actually make a difference in the World, which is geared towards eventually pulling us out of this system.

People buy books, pay for movies, pay for doctors, dentists, acupuncture, massages -- but those of us who have also made it our lifes work to be of service, putting endless of hours of time, energy and research into a subject or practice that desperately needs attention, I guess we deserve to starve and and live under a bridge.

If you don't like it, put the countless hours in yourself, and quit acting like we do this just for the money. Most of us make just enough to meet our basic needs and that is it and even that is hard enough to pull off. Events involve travel, taking days off, putting presentations together and hours and hours of time go into it.

There are free lectures at just about all events too. We aren't out of the money system yet, so don't act like only we are or should be, maybe have gratitude to the ones who are doing all we can to create positive change in the World. (feels like I post this type of thing more than I want to.)

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