31 March 2018

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 30 March 2018

Yes, yes and yes. Even looking at images of Nature does wonders!

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Mercury retrograde, Chiron in a standstill in Pisces heading towards a Libra full moon. 

If you are feeling frustration or low energy, we will find ways to balance ourselves somehow and find direction. The nodes are involved in the full moon which always helps us with direction.

Physical density moves much slower than Consciousness, but things can accelerate the more we ground our higher wisdom and remember that even if Ascension is moving at a snails pace, we are getting there and things are changing for the better. 

It’s encoded in Nature not the Matrix programming. Staying close to Nature is key, even if it’s just watching birds fly. 🦅

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful updates. So spot on ! Definitely helps to navigate through to better ground into our potential ! Laura, do you have a website ? Would love together in touch with you ! Blessings. Josiane