07 March 2018

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 6 March 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Most of us awake beings carry memories of being on an exploded planet, maybe Tiamat or Maldek and many do feel the trauma and yes we do vibrate differently than what we generally see in the human population.

We are also heavily targeted and kept from revealing the full Truth of who we actually are, because it gets belittled, distorted and questioned.

I like to shed some light on the pain, from a place of being free from the pain -- while also acknowledging how misunderstood we get, being called something we are not, so just having fun with it. Hence my last post.

No one is trauma free - but I choose to laugh a little, so its not all so heavy. Especially since things are rapidly shifting towards the more positive!

I identify most with the journey of Sophia, the exile of the Mother Arc in the planetary body and the pain of the reversals that created the Dark Mother archetype, that is not the true Mother. (this is the Baphomet, not the Goddess Crone aspects, or Kali or Lilith). The perversion and desecration of all that is Sacred -- that hurts too! The Magdalene energy is a part of this that many identify with.

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