17 March 2018

Laura Eisenhower Updates ~ 16 March 2018

Three messages here from Laura Eisenhower. I love the first message. I've long believed that connecting with our own Divinity is the most beneficial first-step for anyone on their spiritual path.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Our physical vessel and Higher Self is here to serve us and to take us on the most glorious adventure into higher Earth energies.

Higher self in the physical is what the initiation into Ascension is all about. These are the most important things to not neglect. Our higher self is just waiting to fully occupy the human vessel and the human vessel just wants it to be fully anchored in the physical plane. When we do this, everything else can heal and transform. Anything that is off, is a reminder to integrate our wisdom body more.

We get thrown tons of curve balls in life, but our armor is our Divinity, nothing can take it down and it has the power to deflect attack and neutralize harmful weaponry.

By simply giving our human vessel direction, through establishing goals and visions and intentions, it will work on our behalf and we will begin to recognize the synchronicities that support us getting to where we want to go.

This is when we allow our higher nature to take the helm, and when we do, we can really trust the process and the power and potential we carry.

We just have to be willing to self-correct when we slip and allow our lower emotions or negative Ego to take over and not worry about perfection, just willingness and devotion to get back on track.

Can't wait till the energies let up a bit. Feels like when I am saying, Wow, what a week, Wow, what a day or Wow, what a year -- its like every day, week and year I say that. Every day feels like an epic Lord of the Rings script. Cosmic exhaustion many of us feel, so when its vacation time can you imagine how AMAZING it will be??? Grateful to be living some glimpses of it now!

So much stuff is ready to be blasted out of us, some things we gladly release and other things we hang onto for dear life, because we have taught ourselves how to protect ourselves, maybe even when there is no real threat.

We hold onto past painful memories or traumas, to ensure they will never happen again and so that we can be on guard and not fall for some betrayal or be susceptible to injury.  IT puts us in a reactive place and sometimes throws us into survival.

Our nervous system which connects with our brain and spinal chord, holds trauma memories and also the depth of our intuition, as it is capable of integrating our higher aspects. 

Kineseology is based on this principle and also having a good feeling about something, to the point of feeling our hearts open and a sense of comfort and bliss and also recognizing where we need appropriate caution. 

When we have a trauma response, its almost as if there is an archive that gets yanked out, with some key words and things that stimulate the senses to remember, and the old tape gets played. The situation may be far different than the trauma imprint, but yet we feel it on a physiological level to the point of re-living it. 

When we can allow ourselves to press play and re-record at the same time, we can input different data and allow the true reality of the situation to wipe away the old to bring in the new, it may take a few times. 

When the new comes in, we also hold discernment and the ability to recognize danger before it approaches, versus feeling danger as a constant or being oblivious to the threats. It may require patience from our loved ones, but that is ultimately why we may feel the inspiration to reset and reclaim what was once abused, stolen or ripped from us.

We are building our Spiritual immune systems and can't effectively without the exposure that our life experiences give. We are on a path of Mastery and there is some heavy shiz we are being asked to find seniority and mastery over. Pretty bad-ass, us Spirits having a human experience... its been great, lets be Spirits in a human vessel having an advanced Divine Human adventure!!!

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