09 March 2018

Maldek & Tiamat ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 8 March 2018

This is the version with which I resonate. I think that with Tiamat being from HU2 could be the reason why some say Earth was Tiamat.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

There is so so so much conflicting information about the planets Maldek and Tiamat, which both exploded in our Ancient History as a part of major Galactic Wars.

These planetary bodies help us to understand the Masculine and Feminine energies and how these explosions impacted our Soul journeys and process of integrating fragmented aspects back into wholeness and balance.

Maldek was once in this solar system and Tiamat was in the higher Harmonic Universe 2. Some say these are the same planets, but I beg to differ -- there is a much larger story and after years and years of investigations and research on the matter and deep contemplation -- my book will be including my attempt to get to the bottom of this Mystery.

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