11 March 2018

Manifestation in Divine Alignment ~ Paul Selig

Let's manifest the liberated and ascended world!

Source: Empath1111

Now the work that we do in this book does not dismiss any other teaching about manifesting. The only difference we want to bring to you is the idea of conscious alignment to your own Divine Self to be the one who creates with you through conscious intention. And that is very different than saying, “I want a Jaguar in my garage so that I can feel successful.” You can create from that place. You can use energy to manifest at that level. But believe me, friend, what you are doing then is contributing to the matrix of fear through recognizing and acting on those requirements of ego that are about identifying the self through what you own and your material worth.

Do we tell you you should not be happy and successful and living where you want? Absolutely not. We are telling you you should have what you want. However, and this is the huge difference, we are telling you that what you want in accordance with the Divine Self you truly are, may be remarkably different.

Paul Selig –The Book of Love and Creation
A channeled text

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