25 March 2018

Metatronic Numerology: 1144-1147-1155 ~ Essence Ka tha'ras ~ 24 March 2018

Source: Shambahalla New Earth

I recently shared this status update on Facebook.

Someone asked me if I was being sarcastic.

I decided to share my response to a wider audience in the hopes of being of some assistance to others in their Spiritual Awakening Journey.

Here is my answer.

No, I was not being sarcastic, but I can see why you might think that.

I AM a Master Metatronic Numerologist, and as such one of the main forms of communication in which Spirit speaks to me is through numbers, and number combinations and sequences.

What is Metatronic Numerology?

Metatronic Numerology is an Advanced form of the Sacred Art of Multi-dimensional Numerology from our Ancient Future.

This form of Sacred Numerology is something we once utilized, but lost access to as the Collective Consciousness of Humanity descended ever deeper into the lower frequency realms of physical manifest form.

Having been held in safe keeping in the Sacred Ancient/Future City of Light of Shambahalla it is now being gifted back to humanity once again.

Having worked with Metatronic Numerology in many other lifetimes and dimensional realities, I have once again been gifted with this knowledge by my Spiritual Guides, whom I lovingly refer to as the Q4, in order to bring this knowledge back at this time in the Collective’s Spiritual Awakening process.


Going back to the message encoded in the 1144-1147-1155 number sequence.

The main information message is associated with the number 1144, or as I read and understand it, the 11/44 Dual Frequency.

The Metatronic Numerology I AM keyword phrase for the 11/44 Dual Frequency is…

I AM Structured Metamorphosis Created through Revelation of Thought, when Thought is Illuminated through Spiritual Truth
The 11/44 Dual frequency combination brings energy to assist in creating big change, not so much for our individual self, but change in the Collective Consciousness of humanity as a whole.

This frequency speaks of the Initial Spiritual Awakening of the Collective Consciousness as the Individual Consciousness it exists as. This is a very powerful energy that has been being gifting to our planet for the last 3 to 4 years and has been growing in strength.

The 11/44 Dual Frequency brings us the frequency energy needed to create “Structured Metamorphosis” of our Collective Reality.

Structured Metamorphosis means we consciously bring about change by using every form of Sacred Technology we have at our disposal. Sacred Technologies including Sacred Geometry, Energy Work, Sound Work, Grid Work, etc. But the key is to use them from a place of full understanding of how they work together in creating reality.

To create reality in this way we have to be able to do so from a place of Spiritual Truth understood through a clear and Spiritually Intelligent Mind and a Pure Heart.

The 11/44 Dual frequency combination supports the further Awakening of the “Group Collective Conscious Mind” and all that can be achieved when individuals come together and collaborate, and work hand-in-hand in a conscious fashion.

When two or more individuals come together in the fashion I am speaking of when I use the term “Group Collective Conscious Mind”, a third Individual Consciousness is Created and Given Birth to that is capable of Creating in a way separate Individuals are not.

This is the proverbial…

The Whole Is Always Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Please read on....

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