09 March 2018

Mother Earth's Sacred Dance ~ Ecological Consciousness ~ 8 March 2018

This is so beautiful to read. I saw this posted somewhere else first, can't remember.

Source: Ecological Consciousness

Nature is a sacred creation, a self-organizing living system that has evolved and regenerated herself for over a billion years. She is poetry in motion, a life-generating dance, mother of all we see.

At the deepest level "you" are composed of the elements of Mother Earth. Your atoms belong to the Universe. Your cells regenerate completely every 7 years. New atoms flowing in and out of you every single day.

We truly are what we eat, breathe and drink. All life is linked together interdependently and synergistically. We are Nature in human form, unique and creative expressions of a mutually-sustaining and continuously evolving Earth Community. 

Your biology and Nature's power to regenerate ecosystems depend on clean water, sunlight, air and fertile soil. If toxins and poisons enter fresh water, air and earth they move into food cycles and become a part of our bodies. This leads to health problems and cancer.

Modern mono-crop agriculture methods that use pesticides and poisons are killing insects and bacteria that Nature relies upon to transform plant and animal bodies into fertile soil (so as to grow and regenerate future life). These industrial farming methods are creating dirt, dust and deserts instead of healthy soil.

We find ourselves at a turning point now. If modern humans do not get back into alignment with Nature, we will continue to face crisis after crisis, as both civilisation's systems and the ecosystems that support us collapse together.

Life is a community. Only by caring for other species and becoming more ecologically conscious (learning to think and act like Nature) can we turn these crisis we face into opportunities. 

We can reverse climate change, reduce carbon levels and bring rainfall back to barren regions by re-greening deserts, restoring rainforests and regenerating ecosystems. 

We can grow more nutritious crops and restore the health of the planet's soils by practicing regenerative and self-sustainable methods of agriculture in harmony with local ecology.

If we align with Nature's wisdom then life on our planet will thrive once again. By taking care of the larger Earth Community, Nature will be better able to take care of us. 

All that is required of our species now is that we use our creative imaginations and open our hearts, honor our connectedness to Nature, experience all life as precious and sacred.

Awakening to awareness of ourselves as living expressions of Nature's Dance could transform human consciousness. Nature is calling us back to her now, so that our species once again aligns with the wisdom and security of Mother Earth. 

This is the wisdom of our biology and ecology, the wisdom of who and what we truly are.

~Christopher Chase


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