26 March 2018

Our Responsibility in Transforming Our Earthly Bodies: Vlog 53 ~ Patricia Cota-Robles ~ 12 March 2018

Also a long while since Patricia Cota-Robles appeared here ~ thank you for this, Deborah 💖

This is indeed a timely message, as Deborah told me :)

There's much that Patricia tells us in her vlog, but here's a very brief indication of its contents:
Humanity is reversing the adverse effects of our Fall after the time of Atlantis. Body elementals now reactivating elemental vortices within our bodies ~ this greatly accelerates our physical transformation.

I see that Vlogs 54 and 55 are available, both of which are related to this one. So is Vlog 52. Best to look through the playlist to see which ones are of interest.

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