19 March 2018

Reverse Speech ~ Magenta Pixie ~ 18 March 2018

I'm glad to see this topic being addressed by Magenta Pixie. She also cautions against messages that claim a sense of urgency, and offers assistance for those besieged by Voice of God tech.

Source: Magenta Pixie

To anyone asking about messages coming through, from various sources with a sense of great urgency or anyone wondering about 'reverse speech' and similar forms of 'reversal divination.'

There is so much disinfo and confusion coming in from various places as people interpret energies differently. Be discerning when you hear anything saying something is "urgent!" as energy does not work like that, however a sense of urgency can be felt within intuitive individuals that have not learned to interpret what that means. Nothing within the Ascension process is 'urgent.' Regarding reverse speech again be very, very discerning. This is not an aligned form of divination, it holds a very low, confusing and chaotic frequency. Most of it is total nonsense, some of it works on synchronicity and sometimes non-physical entities can influence electronic equipment and communicate through reverse speech but these are not higher dimensional light beings of love and light. I personally give reverse speech a very wide berth and take everything that is said with a large pinch of salt.

Your own alignment, meditation, connection and open heart is the way forward. Yes exciting things are happening, there is change on the horizon and things are happening fast, however nothing is "urgent" your own connection will tell you everything you need to know.

Follow your intuition and when it comes to information from other sources (outside of yourself) then go with what you resonate with. Aligned resonating within will feel positive and will make you say..yes! Yes! inside. Anything that makes you feel alarmed, scared, anxious, worried etc then be on your guard. Those feelings are not the body saying yes!.....they are warnings and no higher frequency guidance system of Christ Consciousness will ever come in with an urgent warning of impending doom.

True guides of light and Christ Consciousness deliver truth and yes some of that truth is negative but you will always be given information that will assist you in your own sovereignty. Anything else is coming in from hijacked conduits, deliberate cabal disinfo and dark, trickster energies. Open your heart, send them all gratitude and love and listen to your own inner guidance.

To anyone concerned about 'targeting' (by Voice to Skull or Voice of God technologies, emotional distortion tech & similar) please see my video 'bypassing copycat mind waves' This is also extensively talked about in my first book 'Masters of the Matrix' with a full teaching template regarding complete immunity to this kind of tech.

Many blessings, Magenta Pixie x


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