13 March 2018

Rick Jewers Update ~ 12 March 2018

Source: Rick Jewers

One 5D Timeline has been established and worldly events in the next few weeks reveal the general direction of it, as well as indicators that this will be a Transitional Timeline. We/You are currently working on Creating a Higher 5D Timeline, or a Second 5D Timeline. The Second 5D Timeline moves much swifter than the other. These two 5D Timelines, will once again be experienced as a duality by You, as a lot of You continue Ascending Higher. The Ones Ascending Higher are the Ones with the Higher Divine Knowledge, for they CANNOT stay and do NOT WISH to stay. Collective telepathy is one reason why You will NOT stay on the lower 5D Timelines, another reason is, You MUST keep advancing, going forward and Creating more dimensional Timelines in general.

Essentially, the game Now is to Create many Higher Timelines for Humanity to enjoy, as they keep Ascending through time. These Higher Timelines have You enhanced with Your Divine Creative Gifts, Your magic is stronger there, and more instantaneous. Your last mission was a huge success, of which was, Creating the 5D template and then transferring unawakened Humanity into the fold, where they are safe. AS THEY FINISH THEIR HUMAN EXPERIENCE HERE, mostly oblivious to what REALLY happened.

Masses will continue to Awaken, each Wave assuring the stability and advancement of the lower 5D Timeline they Awaken upon. Initial Waves continue forward, always Ascending.

Love and Light

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