21 March 2018

Self-Love ~ Lee Harris ~ 20 March 2018

Self-Love is an ever-evolving practice.
Lee Harris

Nice Synchronicity ~ something on Self-Love by Lee Harris....

Source: Lee Harris

Many of you can get a little frustrated with yourselves or perceive that you are stuck because you are not getting somewhere, and that somewhere is seen as enlightenment, incredible peace.

Remember you will never get there and you would not know if you were there anyway for when you are there you would simply see the next level and the next layer.

We say this to you to help you understand why self love is such a key and self love is an ever evolving practice.

But in the mind, with its many illusions, one of the first elements to overcome is the idea that you know enough about the universe to know that you are getting it wrong.

- From "Mastering Chaos"

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