05 March 2018

Shifting Physical Reality ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 4 March 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

To raise the vibration of ourselves and the planet, it takes grounding and anchoring higher vibrational energy -- merging the higher with the lower. Our epiphany, insights, inspirations, times of bliss, deep appreciation for Nature and each other, can be anchored in our life experience every day through gratitude and taking the time to adjust our lifestyles accordingly, so that it can accommodate all the good that is streaming in.

Without that we can get ungrounded and sabotaged, with Archonic influences waiting in the wings, to exacerbate the situation ~ creating drama, power struggles and further imbalance. Our higher Nature and all that it shows us has to be more than a philosophy, fantasy, pipe dream or vision, it needs to become a way of life that we devote ourselves too, so that we are not living a double life between lower ego and emotions and times of feeling love, wisdom and the Divine that we are.

The clarity and wisdom comes along for integration, to inspire life changes for the better, not just for good moments and a feeling of having a good day.

This is the work of shifting physical reality. This purifies us and helps us to create healthy boundaries and transmute toxicity.

Our higher selves hold the bigger picture and wants to fully participate in the human experience and allowing this to come through, is true transformation, healing and awakening ~ Ascension! We then see how Spirit holds dominion over matter, instead of matter and lower density controlling us and limiting us.

When the negative comes along, a beautiful challenge is presented to us, until we learn how to be empowered co-creators and Artists with the Elements and the vastness of our creative imaginations.