02 March 2018

Something is Melting Out of the Antarctic Ice Sheet ~ UFO Sightings Hotspot ~ 27 February 2018

Emery Smith did tell us ~ rather gleefully 😄 ~ that when the ice melts, there would be no way to cover up the stuff in Antarctica. He was referring specifically to the Mothership, but it looks like this structure is being exposed first. (Unless this "structure" is part of the craft....)

Here's an excerpt from that amazing Cosmic Disclosure episode, pertaining to the ice melting and Mother Gaia herself being Disclosure.

Emery: You know, it won't be the people. It won't be us exposing this. It's going to be Earth that exposes it because of the warmth.

They can't fight the heat right now. And since they can't fight the heat, it's going to be really hard to explain when some of the snow melts in the next year, and this giant thing starts being exposed and different metals.

David: Wow!

Emery: So Gaia will be Disclosure. Earth will be the one who discloses it, which is beautiful.

Source: UFO Sightings Hotspot

An enormous structure hidden under the ice sheet of Antarctica has become visible possible due to climate changes.

The structure is 300 meters long, width measures between 30 – 50 meters and walls of 10 meters high.

Even though I do not know what it is, it looks artificial; maybe an old base or an ancient settlement built a long time ago when Antarctica was not yet a frozen contingent or could it be something else? 

If you take a closer look you see that it is not something natural or a crack in the ice sheet. Here are the coordinates: 69°53'42.03"S 38°42'22.02"E

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