24 March 2018

Sunday Meditation March 25 ~ Joanna Fay ~ 24 March 2018

Source: Love Light Meditation Circle

Hello beautiful LoveLight Beings ❤

Well, what a week through the Equinox and beyond, into a fresh phase of higher energies. Thank you all for anchoring and flowing the Love, and for joining us in this weekend’s LoveLight meditation, intention or focus. And thank you for staying steadfast with Gaia’s planetary ascension, however you feel inspired to share and express your light in union with all dear beings guiding, assisting and energizing this Divine process. 🙂

This week we’re invited to focus with Purple Light, and bring ‘lemon golden yellow’ through the purple. Purple vibrates transformation, emotional freedom, cherishment, compassion and dedication (if this is new to you, see the Purple Flame on the Seven Sacred Flames page). If it resonates for you to connect with lightships and their higher dimensional crystals, star family will be aligning the golden Haishana’Ra Crystal and Ra’Isara Crystal (core crystals of the Phoenix and New Jerusalem), and the purple Kaira Crystal and magenta Rosara Crystal (of the Caritas and Silveray lightships) with the LoveLight Circle meditation this week. Or simply focus with a Rose Cross (Double Infinity symbol with them crossing over each other), one flowing golden light and the other flowing purple light, with their light merging into purple-gold as they flow.

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