05 March 2018

Surface Situation Update ~ Cobra ~ 4 February 2018

That last image titled "Phase" was nagging me when got up this morning from a very late night of posting on my blog. So I did some digging and found gems! Thanks to Pálinkás Árpád who discovered this site called the Rose Lineages which also featured the same image. The owner of the site lives near Saint Maximin la Sainte-Baume, the very location associated with Mary Magdalene.

I also saw this comment from Victory of the Light from The Portal, which identified the tattoo/marking at the root chakra of the body in the image as the symbol for the very same chakra! Thank you for this :) More info on this here.

Perhaps this could mean the rise of the Goddess energies is occurring, or a distinct mass awakening (kundalini) phase? Again, all pure speculation on my part.

Cobra's latest update features images only ~ a yantra that could be associated with the Hindu Goddess Lalitha Devi, also known as the Divine Mother (ref); a patch that may indicate ultra secret Black Ops missions, possibly connected to the "504" that we so often see in alerts (ref); and two others, one of which is simply titled "Phase", rather "revealingly".

This is what led to the Urban Dictionary reference (to which I have no access):

Looks like Cobra left a trail of breadcrumbs ("fragments"?) for us to follow/put together.... Whatever this message actually is, I think it's safe to say that for Cobra to release this post (because we are supposed to be at EMCON radio silence pertaining to surface operations) means that we are getting very, very close.... But I also hasten to add that this is all just speculation on my part....One more thing though ~ Project 83? That's a new one.

Source: The Portal

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