14 March 2018

The E***t : Part 2

It seems as though every other source has come out without with (sorry for the confusion) their information and prediction about The Event. I have received many links via emails recently - thank you so much! - but am unable to go through them all, I'm still very much pre-occupied with family matters.

I thought I'd write this short personal message about the rapidly-building momentum of the information deluge. As always, this is from my personal perspective, but heavily laced with elements of past experience.

Let us all send out our strong and focussed intention on The Event occurring....soon.

Let us meditate on our Heart-centred desire to pull in the energies of The Event and manifest it right here on the Planet, in the physical realm.

At the same time, please do not over-invest on the dates being broadcast and place all your hopes on them.

I've been there, done that, not doing it all over again. It's just all too....much. December Solstice 2012.

The unbelievable thing about that period is that there were sources who gave out specific instructions on what to do on the 21st of December 2012, and when that date came and went without The Event, all they did was to downplay or lamely explain away the Non-Event.

Voice of God, misinformation, disinformation, misguidance.... it doesn't really matter.

At the end of the day, the harm was done. I know of Lightworkers who became suicidal, and many who were left without a leg to stand on as they had given up everything to prepare for that fateful day. Very many more were left confused, upset, lost, angry, or combinations thereof. Many denounced the Light, while many more no longer believed in The Event.

The fall-out suited the dark just fine. The Lightworker community was left to deal with the shattered pieces.

Although some did end up (eventually) gaining a deeper understanding of the whole sordid affair, it was a painful process to go through.

I sincerely and fervently believe we cannot afford to go through that experience again. Perhaps that is why Cobra said that the Light Forces have asked that we do not speculate on dates.

So.... We will intend with all our Hearts and do whatever we can, in our own way, to exponentially increase the likelihood of The Event manifesting, in an empowered manner, without being distracted from our own path.

Let's create that standing wave of the pure potential energies of The Event, as powerful creator beings of Light.

Namaste and Blessings 💖

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